My Route, More or Less (Red line, but starting in NY)

My Route, More or Less (Red line, but starting in NY)

Make a Difference

I'm pedaling for many reasons, the most important of which is to raise awareness and funds for Pedals For Progress. P4P is a non-profit that collects used bicycles and sewing machines in the US and donates them to poor people overseas. P4P combines my love of bicycling with my growing concern for those deprived of life's most basic necessities - sparked by a visit to the slums of Kibera in June '09 (pictures). P4P improves mobility and economic options for destitute people, opening pathways to greater dignity and opportunity.

Please make a donation, if you can (please write "TSQ2USQ" in the '...honor of' field). Remember, a bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses. :)

My Game Plan

I'm following portions or all of three routes mapped out by the Adventure Cycling Association: the Atlantic, TransAm, & Western Express. I'll cycle through thirteen states: NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, KY, IL, MO, KS, CO, UT, NV & CA! I'm leaving on 4/17/10, and expect to return to New Jersey by mid June - back to my family, friends, & neighbors. I plan on cycling 5 - 6 hours per day, 6 days/week, usually starting in the early AM. My laptop and phone will allow me to work remotely most days, but I won't pass up opportunities to smell the roses along the way!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Days 3 & 4

Day 3. (3 Garmin Tracks) Monday's weather was as beautiful as the ride. Highs in the low 60s, clear skies; good roads, lightly traveled; Amish farms and spring bursting forth all 'round the lovely countryside. Lunch at Reconnect Cafe in Delta, PA was surprisingly excellent: great coffee, cookies, veg sandwich and egg sandwich, and a delightful and interesting owner. Traveled about 80 miles, arriving at the Comfort Inn in Cockeysville, MD, of all places. Not a fancy hotel, but totally servicable and much nicer than the Econo Lodge in Reamstown - complete with boogie on the desk lamp shade and mold on the wall. I'd hate to see what that place looked like under the glow of a UV lamp. Based on observations at a bar on Sun night, horses and big hair are the rage in Reamstown. Imbibed a beer at Silver Spring on Monday, a dissappponting bar, with a name similar to a great Fleetwood Mac song.

Day 4. (Day 4 Garmin Tracks) Another Perfect day for riding. The roads were busier, being  close to DC, and the scenery was nice but not quite as spectacular as  Monday in Amish country. Of course it was exciting to visit the Mall  in DC again, although it's best enjoyed with kids. Today's lesson:  book your hotel at least one night prior, and don't try to ride ur  bike through Arlington Cemetery. Many of the hotels in DC are booked;  there seems to be no consensus opinion as to why. I got stuck  overpaying for a crummy Days Inn. I'd rather be camping, but that  learning curve is too steep to figure out alone while trying to bike
endless miles each day. I'm having trouble enough using the coin  operated laundry equipment at Arlington Laundromat. Plans tomorrow are  as big as tonight's Mexican dinner plate: ride to Charlottesville, VA  ~ 120 miles. We'll see tomorrow if can I make it.
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Anonymous said...

MOM here. Sorry to hear about your accommodation aggrivation in DC. I just checked Travelocity and the rates in Washington are outrageous. Charlottesville should be easier. Ben Marks was at UVA for his master's. He might know of some good places to stay. Thinking of you, always. Usually first thing in the morning.
Love, MOM

john said...

Good luck Steve. It was great to meet another insane biker at your lunch stop.

John and Scott from Glenelg, MD

Anonymous said...

Steve - great to see the updates and pictures! You inspired me to ride my bike last night - only about two miles down and around that pond we rode by last time you were up, but I'm there with you in spirit! Keep smelling the roses (and try all the micro-brews you can!).......

Steve Fahmie said...

Mom: No worries about DC. The hotel was gross and overpriced, but I slept well and took a shower - which is nearly all I wanted. Charlottesville is definitely better in many much so I'll probably spend two nights here.

John: I made it to Charlottesville, no problem. I was worried about: a) the distance, and b) the weather. I rode over 110 miles and was rained on for 1/2 the ride...but it was *great*. My rain gear worked as planned and I feel like I could have ridded 150 mi if I didn't have to stop around 75 times (no kidding) to figure out where I was and where I was going. Thanks for motivating me to ride more miles...good luck in ur upcoming ride and I want to hear about it. Blog it, man!

Steve Fahmie said...

Thomieeee! So glad ur inspired to ride. :) I'm at Mellow Mushroom in Charlottesville, VA, trying the micro brews (Allagash White...from up ur way!). I'm totally staying here two nights. I have some things to catch up and couldn't think of a better place to work from, and maybe have a little fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG - I LOVE Allagash White and Mellow Mushroom. BTW I think I must be getting inspired...taking a bike tour in the AM of part of New Orleans. Enjoy the break - Vanessa

Steve Fahmie said...

Vanessa: You s/ blog on ur travel adventures! So many great stories I'm sure. I've never been to The Big Easy; inexcusable. Have fun on ur bike ride!! :) I want to see pictures.