My Route, More or Less (Red line, but starting in NY)

My Route, More or Less (Red line, but starting in NY)

Make a Difference

I'm pedaling for many reasons, the most important of which is to raise awareness and funds for Pedals For Progress. P4P is a non-profit that collects used bicycles and sewing machines in the US and donates them to poor people overseas. P4P combines my love of bicycling with my growing concern for those deprived of life's most basic necessities - sparked by a visit to the slums of Kibera in June '09 (pictures). P4P improves mobility and economic options for destitute people, opening pathways to greater dignity and opportunity.

Please make a donation, if you can (please write "TSQ2USQ" in the '...honor of' field). Remember, a bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses. :)

My Game Plan

I'm following portions or all of three routes mapped out by the Adventure Cycling Association: the Atlantic, TransAm, & Western Express. I'll cycle through thirteen states: NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, KY, IL, MO, KS, CO, UT, NV & CA! I'm leaving on 4/17/10, and expect to return to New Jersey by mid June - back to my family, friends, & neighbors. I plan on cycling 5 - 6 hours per day, 6 days/week, usually starting in the early AM. My laptop and phone will allow me to work remotely most days, but I won't pass up opportunities to smell the roses along the way!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 7

The Ride: The Blue Ridge Mountains kicked my ass, but I survived! Starting off with a completely inadequate breakfast and a sore Achilles didn't help. Did a little work in the AM, and left 'round 9:30. Getting lost for the first time (on this trip), added about 15 miles to my day's ride. The vistas from the Blue Ridge Parkway are among the most beautiful in the country, and the roadway was nearly devoid of cars. It was a memorable ride. Oh, and bikers outnumbered motorists by a seemingly substantial margin. I've never before encountered so many happy bikers, many of whom cheered me and my panniers on. :) This biker was happy - giddy, indeed - when he finally reached Rt 56, from which my descent into Lexington began.

Nutrition: Having eaten too little for breakfast, I was hoping to load up on lunch. No such luck. No restaurants, so I relied on the dried fruit and nuts I bought at The Farmer's Wife, plus Hammer and Gu liquid nutrients. I also had a mega dinner at Ruby Tuesday's - where I now sit, at the bar, writing this post. My typical food snobbery does me no good out here, and as much as I hate to admit it, Ruby's ain't bad. The salad bar is downright excellent. I had a burger & fries (gasp...I strayed from my vegetarian preference), two heaping plates of salad bar fare (beats, apple salad, cottage cheese w/ fruit, potatoes!), 30 oz of beer, and a blondie w/ ice cream. Normally I'm only into the beer & salad bar fare. The sacrifices I'll make to avoid shedding weight knows no bounds!

Health: The soreness in my Achilles tendon got worse yesterday, but didn't hurt much when I woke up this morning. Oddly, it hurt quite a bit walking "home" after yesterday's long lunch + beers. Seems to hurt when I use it, so I was *worried* about riding, especially since I had many thousands of feet of elevation gain to conquer. I did a little research the night before. I was afraid I might have a partial tear, which would be a huge problem. It seems I have tendinitis, though, which is far preferable to a tear. Within about ten miles I settled into a routine of pointing my left toe down, which relieved the pressure on my tendon. By the end of the ride I was using my left leg all but normally, with just slight pain. Though I have a noticeable bump about 1/2 up my Achilles, I'm somewhat confident after today's ride that it will not materially delay my progress to SF.

Today's Tracks:

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Daniel said...

Wow steve, over 7,000 feet of climbing over 85 miles. I think you need several more burgers if you are going to have a chance of refueling after that effort! I like the movie of you riding in the rain the other day, it was nice to "ride along" for a few seconds...

Watch that achilies tendon injury, that doesn't sound good.

Steve Fahmie said...

Thanks for keeping in touch, Dan! The day I took the video I had both ur Garmin and my iphone wrapped up in ziplock for extra protection...lots of rain. Today I'm headed to Christiansburg, VA, and s/ cross into KY, or nearly so, tomorrow! Achilles is sore this AM, but not near as tender as yesterday morning.

Joyce said...


I am still kind of lame dealing with comments on a blog. I sent a long winded one to you just now, not sure if you received as this is the LATEST "day7" section for comments. Not sure if you go back in time for one I sent. Please check out. I have an important question/suggestion for you.

Love ya - JA (your VERY Polish aunt)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a big mac might be your best meal choice down the road. If you saw "Super Size Me" you'll know that plenty of fat and sugar will surely keep the weight up. But, will definitely damage the brain cells. I'm on record, however, that all animal protein is not ALL bad. With all the energy you're expending you should not be concerned. You should be able to get some "good" red meat in Kansas and Missouri. I'm with you all the way,
Love, MOM

Joyce said...

Hey, Steve.
Was worried about not seeing any new postings. Emailed your mom and she said she heard from you. I was imagining that you came across some Appellation hillbillies and they were having their way with you! Glad you are okay. I was mentioning that maybe I would ride ten miles or so with you from Sacto to SF, but I don't think I'll be able to keep up with you, but I am on a mission to ride a few miles (10-12) every day weather permitting. Today I rode about 13-14 miles. Tuesday-Thurs we are expecting rain. Will ride about 20ish miles tomorrow.
Love ya - JA