My Route, More or Less (Red line, but starting in NY)

My Route, More or Less (Red line, but starting in NY)

Make a Difference

I'm pedaling for many reasons, the most important of which is to raise awareness and funds for Pedals For Progress. P4P is a non-profit that collects used bicycles and sewing machines in the US and donates them to poor people overseas. P4P combines my love of bicycling with my growing concern for those deprived of life's most basic necessities - sparked by a visit to the slums of Kibera in June '09 (pictures). P4P improves mobility and economic options for destitute people, opening pathways to greater dignity and opportunity.

Please make a donation, if you can (please write "TSQ2USQ" in the '...honor of' field). Remember, a bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses. :)

My Game Plan

I'm following portions or all of three routes mapped out by the Adventure Cycling Association: the Atlantic, TransAm, & Western Express. I'll cycle through thirteen states: NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, KY, IL, MO, KS, CO, UT, NV & CA! I'm leaving on 4/17/10, and expect to return to New Jersey by mid June - back to my family, friends, & neighbors. I plan on cycling 5 - 6 hours per day, 6 days/week, usually starting in the early AM. My laptop and phone will allow me to work remotely most days, but I won't pass up opportunities to smell the roses along the way!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 35

Pueblo, CO to Salida, CO. About 95 miles & 6,300 feet of climbing. Perfect weather!

What an awesome day of riding. The scenery was breathtaking, and the weather perfect. My legs were a bit tired. What a welcome change from the High Plains. I felt like I was in Kansas, though, when I got lunch: a vegetable burrito, which consisted of vegetarian hamburger "meat", iceberg lettuce & tomatoes wrapped in a burrito and topped w/ unmelted grated cheese. No beans.

The food in Salida was better. What a lovely little town; I'll take Monday off here to give the legs a rest and catch up on work. Lots of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and Amica's, a great little micro brewery and wood fired pizza place. I stumbled across Simple Hotel & Hostel, a cozy, clean, friendly lodge right in town. $22/night 1st night's stay; $11 for the 2nd night! This place has it all over the boxy, cookie cutter hotels and run down motels typically on offer. Kimberly, the mountain bike touring host, gave me intel on where to go in town, and where to camp between Salida and Montrose, 130 miles away through the Rocikes and the next town where lodging's available. I traded stories w/ Dave, who was in town for the weekend from Boulder to mountain bike. He gave me all sorts of sport nutritional provisions for my ride and reminded me how much I'd likely love living in Boulder.

Please donate to Pedals for Progress:


Anonymous said...

Hey, Steve: It looks like you've found an outpost of civilization. I'm following you all the way.
Love, MOM

JoyceAbel said...

Hey, Steve:

Just logged onto your blog this am and got caught up on all I missed. My friend Steve tells me that there is a Union Station in Los Angeles if you were heading down there instead of San Fran. I don't have any other information of exactly where it is. Would you like me to research this for you? I was really looking forward to your visit with me in Sacto, but I will see you for Thanksgiving!
Love ya - JA

Steve Fahmie said...

Thanks Joyce, but I'm still on track to go to San Fran. Will probably finish up the ride next year. Hope you are well and looking forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving!!


Jessica Grieves said...

Hi Steve! I'm glad you're enjoying the landscape and the people you meet! Please please please be safe! I'll bake some vegan treats to welcome you back to the East Coast! See you soon!

Steve Fahmie said...

Hey there Jessica. Thanks for your well wishes. Hope all is well back in NYC and your injury has healed. Your vegan zucchini bread was incredible. That I didn't eat the the entire loaf says volumes about how much I respect JD. Not too sweet. Moist. Delicious. Between your zucchini cake and a recent NYT article, I'm convinced vegan baked goods taste the best.